Making Candy

Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Our undesirable characters.

Start with a couple of really undesirable characters.
Mix up a concoction that's so secret we can't tell you what's in it.Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Mixing up a concoction
Kuranda Candy Kitchen - A few wide eyed spectatorsEntice a few wide eyed spectators  to watch. 
Pour it out on the table and add a little colour. 

Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Pouring it out on the table

Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Giving it a bit of a pull and a tug.

Stretch it out and then give it a bit of a pull and a tug.
Have a bit of a think about what we are going to make.Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Having a bit of a think about things
Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Rolling it upRoll it up to make sure it sticks together.
Then stretch it and machine it.Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Stretching it and machining it
Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Flattening it and pressing itOr flatten it and press it.
Or even roll it and chop it.Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Rolling it and chopping it
Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Munching on a sampleMunch on a sample at the all important taste test.
And finally end up with lots and lots of yummy candy.

Kuranda Candy Kitchen - Lots and lots of yummy candy